51 Sloan Cres.

(Complete Main Floor Remodel including Kitchen and Bathroom)


“Hello Harold,

Just wanted to let you know that we had our house showing today and have already had a lot of positive

feedback. Thanks for making our deadline and thanks to you and your crew for a great job”




Tim Wilson

6 Westwind Pl.

(Main Floor Addition)


“Very Good Job. Really happy with the workers and the job. : )”




Barb and Sean

66 Kilmarnock.

(Kitchen Remodel)


“Thank you Harold, I had really high standards and you met every one of them. A big thank you to your

workers… it was a pleasure having them in our home. Very Clean and Courteous!!!”





643 Silverbirch.

(Complete House Remodel including Kitchen and Bathrooms)


Thanks for always being there to address all my concerns day or night… we had never done a renovation

before and were really afraid. Fortunately you put all my worries to rest. We absolutely LOVE our new

house… Thank you!!”





63 Maplegrove.

(Exterior Remodel, Decks and Garage)


Having you take care of all the drawings, engineering, permits and zoning was a Huge Relief!!! Great

Work : )




Ash and Dianne

51 Lennox Ave.

(Main Floor Addition & Garage)


Your guys were so clean and friendly my wife and I actually enjoyed coming home from work each day

to see the progress. See you for our Next Project!!





9 Sunset Blvd.

(Main Floor and Basement Remodel including Bathroom)


We’ll be using you when it comes time to do our addition. Was a pleasure : )




Sabino and Sabrina

511 Boyd & Various Rental Properties

(Complete House Remodel including Kitchen and Bathrooms)


“We had an absolute nightmare with our other contractors who didn’t take out permits and did nothing

to code. Thanks for dealing with the City and Engineers… You are the only company that delivered what

you promised!!! Thank you So Much.”





39 Beaupre Bay

(Complete Basement Remodel and New Windows)


“I’m glad I listened to Justin for referring your company to us. Not only did you finish exactly when you

said you would but your work was flawless and your guys were great.”




Robert and Donna

22 Cunnington Ave.

(Roofing, Soffit, Fascia, Gutters & Exterior Retrofit)


“There’s a reason we keep having you back every time we have a project to do. Your roofers are

amazing… the yard is spotless. See you next time!!”





79 Kingston Row.

(2nd Floor Addition)


I know it was a challenging project. Thanks for the great work.



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